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How to Order

You’re probably wondering- Why are most items in the online shop listed as sold out?

This is because most Uncle Phuncle pieces are released via pre-order. This is a great format that allows customers to order their specific size whilst avoiding excess overproduction and minimizing fabric wastage.

With the values of slow fashion in mind, this format reduces fabric and material wastage, as only enough fabric and materials needed to fulfill orders is sourced, cut and then made into your specific pre-ordered size. There is no overproducing and there is no left-over fabric wastage.

To know exactly when pre-orders are released, follow @unclephuncle on Instagram- Here you’ll be kept up to date on new design releases via the Instagram feed, and have access to behind the scenes antics in the workroom via Instagram stories, where you can see new pieces come to life during the design process. You can also see where the clothes are made and watch as garments are sewn and manufactured in the Phuncle Studio.

Uncle Phuncle designs are all designed and made by one gal, Ash (hello! That’s me!), in the Phuncle studio. Designs are released monthly, mostly via pre-order, which means the majority of Uncle Phuncle pieces are made to order.

Any items ready to ship are listed in the online shop section.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Whilst complete custom designs are not available, you're more than welcome to customise your order by requesting shorter hem and sleeve length (for example, you can get a few inches off the hem of a dress, or request short sleeves instead of long sleeves on a blouse, or request long sleeves to be shortened a few inches)  Please Note: Changes to length are free of charge, however, refunds and/or exchanges cannot be processed on custom made orders.

DESIGN MARKETS: Uncle Phuncle attends design markets such as the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, Australia, bi-annually and this is your chance to try on the designs, get a feel for sizing and meet the maker! These design markets are huge and are the biggest events on the Phuncle calendar- Here you’ll see new designs and the full range in the flesh!


If you have any questions about the ordering process, please don't hesitate to contact Ash via the contact form.

Below: The Phuncle Studio, Melbourne, Australia